Home Assignment of Anorganic Chemistry (International Class Program)

  1. Students are divided into some groups with four students per groups. Each groups should be identified as group number, i.e. “Group 5 IUP Class
  2. Each group must write a summary of sub-chapters of  a book by the following section with topic of “Intermolecular Forces and Phase Changes”. The following are section that should be summarized from Silberberg’s book: Section 10.3, Section 12.1, Section 12.2, Section 12.3, and Section 13.1. Each group should make the summary of the sections which has different each other.
  3. The summary should be typed in a A4 size of pages using Times New Roman font with 1.5 spacing, and maximum of 2 pages.
  4. The summary must be a summary, using English sentence, and not just take some sentence from the book.
  5. How to collect the home assignment: (a). the document should be completed with Identity of Groups including the file name. Please include in the cover all member names and NIMs; (b). the document should be uploaded as a PDF document; (c) The file should be uploaded to the following folder: (https://goo.gl/iZsUz1) as follow: login first to Google using your gmail account, open the URL, right click on the page, and click on the “Upload File” or “Unggah File”.
  6. Due date of collecting the assignment: 13 October 2017