Final Project Assignment of Subject: PROCESS MODELLING AND COMPUTATION

A reaction rate model was proposed to describe the rates of the reversible catalytic reforming reaction:

CH4 + 2H2O <==> CO2 + 4H2

The model is a simply from of reversible reaction in which there is no component adsorption on the catalyst:

The following table shows experimental results of reaction rate as a function of partial pressure of the products at 350°C:

  1. Estimate model parameters of k1 and KP from the reaction rate model according the above experimental data. Please solve the problem using Scilab Code, and please screenshot the result of program running.
  2. Each student must solve the problem and report the assignment in a MS Word file and also convert to PDF document.  Each student must have a unique creation him/her self of Scilab code.  Please give your identity (Full Name and NIM) in the filename of documents and within first page of your documents.
  3. The final assignment documents (MS Word .doc/.docx, PDF, and .sce) must be uploaded by each student into the following URL (after you login as your Gmail account):
  4. Due date of collecting the assignment is: Saturday, 9 December 2017, 18.00 pm.