IUP: Home Assignment #1 Principles of Chemical Engineering 2 (3 May 2018)

  1. Students of subject Principles of Chemical Engineering 2 (International Undergraduate Program-IUP) should be divided into groups, each group is composed of 3 students maximum.
  2. Each group must make a review or summary (not only take some sentences from the paper) from an international journal article entitled “dimensionless variables and scaling up” in the following URL: (please download PDF fulltext article here…).
  3. The review or summary should not only take some sentences from the paper, but must make a summary or paraphrasing from some sentences/paragraphs from the paper. Only some important paragraphs that should be summarized. The summary/review should be typed in English.
  4. The summary of each group should not be similar.  This assignments will be checked by TURNITIN software about the similarity among groups, so that percentage of similarity will be presented by the software.  Therefore, the percentage of similarity that above maximum standard will be used to reduce the score of this assignment of each group that having similarity.
  5. This assignment must be collected at latest: 12 May 2018 by uploading the file to the following URL (by right click and login to Gmail first): https://bit.ly/2KvAfEf. The file name should express the identity of each group and list the group member in the Cover.