Final Task Inorganic Chemistry IUP Class (16 September 2019)

  1. Each student must make a Summary of Teaching Learning Materials (not only copy paste from book) of the following topics: (a). Covalent and Ionic Bondings, Metallic Bonding [Chapter 9]; (b). Quantum Model of Atom (Bohr, Heissenberg, dan Schrodinger), and Structure of Atom [Chapter 7]; (c). Electronic Configuration of Atom including 4 quantum numbers and principles of Pauli, Hund, and Aufbau [Chapter 8]; (d). The VSEPR Theory and Molecular Shapes [Chapter 10]; (e). Basic Concept of Valence Bond Theory and Orbital Hybridization including sigma-phi Orbital overlap modes [Chapter 11]; (f). Polarity of Substance, Intramolecular and Intermolecular Forces and Phases of Matter [Sub Chapter 10.3, Chapter 12.1-12.5], and Coordination Chemistry – Complex Compounds [Sub-Chapter 23.3].
  2. Reference is a book that usually used during the learning process (Martin S. Silberberg, Patricia Amateis, (2015), “CHEMISTRY: THE MOLECULAR NATURE OF MATTER AND CHANGE”, 7th Edition, The McGraw-Hill Education, Inc., 978–0–07–351117–7)
  3. This final task is not only copy-paste from books, but must be a summary of important case/topics/discussion as done during the weekly teaching and learning process.
  4. This final student individual task must be written in a HVS paper size A4, and it must be scanned to a PDF formatted file. The PDF file size allowed is only up to 10 MB.
  5. This final task must be uploaded at late: 4 October 2019
  6. This final task must be collected by uploading the file (file name must contain identity of student) to the following URL (should login to Gmail first):