11th Meeting Lecture of Chemical Engineering Principles (ATK) 2 (28 April 2021)

In this 11th Meeting lecture, Chemical Engineering Principles 2 will discuss:

  • (1). Control Regime for Heated Liquid-Mixing Vessel (which controls heat transfer);
  • (2). Control Regime for Gas-Liquid Reactors (which controls the speed of the reaction, whether the mass transfer between the gas-liquid or the reaction);
  • (3). Control Regime for Fixed Bed Reactors (10 rules of control regime for fixed bed reactors, so that reaction speed is not controlled by mass transfer or heat transfer).

The lecture presentation video at the 11th meeting can be watched/visited/downloaded at the following URL: https://youtu.be/JD2it-peNO8

Note: If you have questions, discussions can take place in Microsoft Teams in the Post section (by replying) of this 11th meeting, not New Conversation.

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