Rencana Perkuliahan KIMIA ANORGANIK (PTKM 6103)

BOOK REFERENCE: Martin Silberberg and Patricia Amateis, (2021). Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change. 9th Edition, McGraw Hill, New York.


Kuliah #1: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Subject;  The Historical Atomic Theory (Dalton, Thomson, R. Millikan, Rutherford, Chadwick, (Bohr, Heissenberg, Schrodinger), and The Modern Atomic Theory [Chapter 2.3-2.6]

Kuliah #2: Compound (Introduction to Bonding) [Chapter 2.7]; Atomic Properties and Chemical Bonds [Chapter 9.1]; The Ionic Bonding Model [Chapter 9.2]; The Covalent Bonding model [Chapter 9.3]; Bond energy and Chemical Change [Chapter 9.4]; Metallic Bonding  [Chapter 9.6]

Kuliah #3: Quantum Theory, Atomic Spectra, Quantum Model of Atom, and Structure of Atom [Chapter 7.1-7.4]

Kuliah #4: Electronic Configuration of Atom, Electronegativity and Bond Polarity, and Electron Affinity [Chapter 8.1-8.4; 9.5]; The Shape of Molecules; Depicting Molecules and Ions with Lewis Structure [Chapter 10.1]; The Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory [Chapter 10.2];

Kuliah #5: Basic Concept of Valence Bond (VB) Theory and Orbital Hybridization [Sub-Chapter 11.1]; Sigma-Phi Orbital Overlap Modes of Covalent Bond [Sub-Chapter 11.2]; Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory and Electron Delocalization [Sub Chapter 11.3]

Kuliah #6: Molecular Shapes and Molecular Polarity [Chapter 10.3]; Overview of Physical States and Phase Changes [Chapter 12.1]; Quantitative Aspects of Phase Changes [Chapter 12.2]; Intramolecular and Intermolecular Forces and Phases of Matter [Chapter 12.3]; Intermolecular Forces and Solubility [Chapter 13.1]

Kuliah #7: Coordination Chemistry/Compound [Chapter 23.3]; QUIZ Examination (Online, Multiple Choice, one question Рone minute) 


  • Kimia Anorganik Kelas B (Senin; jam 07.30-10.00 WIB; R. A.2.2.1)
  • Kimia Anorganik Kelas IUP (Senin; jam 13.10-15.40 WIB; R. C.3.2)
  • Kimia Anorganik Kelas C (Selasa; jam 13.10-15.40 WIB; R. C.3.2)
  • Kimia Anorganik Kelas A (Rabu; jam 13.10-15.40 WIB; R. C.3.2)
  • Kimia Anorganik Kelas D (Kamis; jam 07.30-10.00 WIB; R. C.2.1)


  • Ujian Quiz (Multiple Choice, 60 questions, time: 50 minutes, all class materials included)
  • Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS) (Multiple Choice, 60 questions, time: 60 minutes, all class materials included)