My Research Activities

My Selected Research Projects:

  1. Simultaneous Cracking-Deoxygenation Process of Palm Oil into Liquid Fuels Using Zeolite-Based Catalysts (World Class Research Undip (WCRU), Funded by Diponegoro University, Year 2021-2023)
  2. Palm Oil Cracking to Renewable Liquid Fuels over A Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Continuous Reactor to Supply National Energy Demand (Research Publikasi Internasional Bereputasi Tinggi (RPIBT), Funded by Diponegoro University, Year 2018-2020)
  3. Development of Hydrocracking Catalysts for Palm Oil Conversion into Liquid Fuels to Supply Alternative Renewable Energy Demand (Research Strategis, Funded by Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, Year 2018).