Individual Assignment for International Class (Catalyst and Adsorbent Technology) (26 October 2022)

  1. Students must make a description of certain types of catalyst characterizations taken from the selected and most complete scientific journal literatures (including: basic principles of catalyst characterization; instrument equipment that is often used; analytical detail procedures for the characterization; interpretation of the catalyst characterization according to the case, and conclusion/summary, and References Cited).
  2. The suggested journals as references, includes: Applied Catalysis A: General; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental; Journal of Catalysis; Catalysis Communication; Molecular Catalysis; ChemCatChem; ACS Catalysis; Catalysts; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. (You can access the journal via your Single Sign On (SSO) Undip.
  3. Selected Topic of the catalyst characterization of each individual student are:
    • SUMAIRA MARI: Surface Area, Pore Size Distribution; and Pore Volume with method of BET and/or BJH and how to calculate.
    • MUHAMMAD YASIN: X-ray Diffraction (crystallinity; phase identification; crystallite size) by using software of HighScore Plus or Match!
    • MUHAMMAD ILYAS: Acidity Strength with NH3 Temperature Programmed Desorption (NH3-TPD); Basicity strength with CO2 Temperature Programmed Desorption (CO2-TPD); reducibility and metal-support interaction with H2 Temperature Programmed Reduction (H2-TPR); How to differentiate between Lewis and Bronsted Acid sites using FTIR.
    • RIZWANA ASGHAR:¬† catalyst composition with X-ray Fluorescence (XRF); ThermoGravimetric Analysis – Differential Thermal Analysis-Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TGA-DTA-DSC)
    • MUHAMMAD TAYYAB BUTT:¬† Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX); Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).
  4. The assignment document should be typed using MS Word and should be changed to PDF file. The PDF file of assignment should be combined with file PDF of references cited. The PDF file of assignment should be uploaded to the following URL before 7th November 2022:
  5. Good luck. Thank you. .